This year we will be performing the full show “The Search For Five Finger Frank” and the presentation “Finding Five Finger Frank” at Whitby Folk Week. We will also be performing as a duo and solo over the course of the week. Here are the details…

Saturday 22nd August

at 8pm-12 midnight – Concert in the Metropole Hotel Ballroom

MC. Derek Schofield with Rattle on the Stovepipe; Carolyn Robson & Moira Craig; Alistair Anderson; Alex Cummings & Nicola Beazley; John Dipper & James Patterson; Pete Coe & Alice Jones; (Event no.42)

Sunday 23rd August

at 12 noon-1.30pm – “Finding Five Finger Frank” presentation at the Colliseum

Pete Coe & Alice Jones give an intro to their show, “Five Finger Frank” about the Leeds folk-song collector, Frank Kidson. (Event no.81)

at 7.30pm-11.30pm – Concert in the Whitby Rugby Club

MC. Brenda Spence; Rattle on the Stovepipe; Pete Coe & Alice Jones;  Jeff Warner; Matt Quinn;The Rachel Hamer Band; The Wilsons (Event no.140)

Monday 24th August

at 1pm-3pm – Ballad Session in the Conservative Club Function Room

Wendy Arrowsmith; Pete Coe (Solo); Moira Craig; Alison McMorland (Event no.202)

at 2.30pm-5pm – Concert in the Colliseum

MC Kevin Sheils; Alice Jones (Solo); Dave Arthur; Val Marsden & Graham Pirt; The Wilsons (Event no.222)

at 7.30pm-11pm – A Night At The Music Hall in the Spa Theatre

MC Sue Coe; Pete Coe (Solo); The Watch; Peta Webb; The Wallopers; Johnny Handle; Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner; Maggie & Stan; Jack Lynch; Peter & Barbara Snape (Event no.247)

Tuesday 25th August


at 3.30pm-5.30pm “The Search For Five Finger Frank” in the Spa Theatre

Pete Coe & Alice Jones present ballads, broadsides and dance tunes from the collection of Frank Kidson, a folk-song collector from Leeds. (Event no.342)

at 11.30pm-1.30am – Late Night at The Met in The Metrepole Hotel Ballroom

Windy Gyle; Robin Garside; Pete Coe & Alice Jones (Event no.365)

Wednesday 26th August

at 11.30am-12.50pm “Strings and Things” Workshop with Pete Coe in Middle Earth (Event no.392)

at 1pm-3pm - Kid’s Club at West Cliff School Hall

Circus Skills with Earthbound Misfits, followed by songs from Pete Coe & Alice Jones (Event no.419)

at 8pm-11.30pm – Traditional Night Out at the Whitby Football Club

MC Dan Quinn; Jeff Warner; Pete Coe & Alice Jones; Sue Coe; Irene Shettle; John Kirkpatrick; Will Noble; Dave Townsend; Peter & Barbara Snape (Event no.468)

Thursday 27th August

 at 1pm-3pm – Music Session in Middle Earth with Pete Coe (Event no.631)

Friday 28th Aug at 7.30pm-11pm – Concert in the Spa Theatre

MC Kevin Sheils; Anne Lynch Lyons & Family; Wendy Arrowsmith; Len Graham & Jack Lynch; Pete Coe & Alice Jones; John Conolly; Tom McConville & Lenny Brown (Event no.660)