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Cover art by John Crane

Cover art by John Crane

Buy it online: http://www.backshift.demon.co.uk/disco.htm

“The Search for Five Finger Frank” is a double album celebrating the legacy of the great Frank Kidson; a man once revered by his peers but now, sadly overlooked by the folk movement of today. Pete Coe and Alice Jones present both classic and rare songs taken from the Frank Kidson collection and set to innovative and original arrangements, breathing fresh life into songs once left to gather dust. This brand new recording features ballads, broadsides and dance tunes mainly from Yorkshire.

Pete and Alice’s distinctive voices, lush harmonies, driving rhythm and instrumental versatility make for an exciting and original new CD offering. Their strong focus on story-telling and the powerful vocal delivery of each song allows the stories to take centre stage. These sensitive and intuitive arrangements lend a timeless quality to a collection of songs that has remained, until now, largely untapped. Frank Kidson’s reputation for having the “best ear for a good tune of any man in England” is clearly deserved and fully demonstrated throughout the entirety of this album.

The Frank Kidson collection is a true treasure-trove of traditional tunes, melodies and songs. This album represents a diverse but cohesive repertoire that is now accessible and waiting to be discovered by a wider audience.


Pete Coe – Vocals, Banjo, Bansitar, Bouzouki, Melodeons
Alice Jones – Vocals, Clarinet, Harmonium, Foot Percussion, Piano, Whistles

Johnny Adams – Fiddle, Harmony Vocals
Chris Coe – Hammered Dulcimer, Harmony Vocals
Michael Beeke – Tuba, Harmony Vocals
Julie Helliwell – Trombone
Stephen McGowan – Trumpet
Chris Partington – Fiddle
Steve Harrison – Mouth Organ
Murray Grainger – Harmony Vocals
Gina Le Faux – Fiddle, Viola, Bass Fiddle

All brass arrangements by Michael Beeke

Engineered and recorded by Joss Worthington at Distant City Recording Studio, Ripponden, West Yorkshire.



Ÿ 1. One Summer’s Morning  Ÿ 2. The Swans Swim So Bonny Ÿ 3. The Death of Bill Brown Ÿ 4. The Knight and the Shepherd’s Daughter Ÿ 5. The Kirkgate Hornpipes Ÿ 6. Captain Glen Ÿ 7. The Sprig of Thyme Ÿ 8. The Highwayman Outwitted Ÿ 9. Turpin Hero Ÿ 10. Shule Agra Ÿ 11. Outward Bound Ÿ 12. My True Love Once He Courted Me Ÿ 13. Come Ashore Jolly Tar Ÿ

14. Scarborough Fair Ÿ


1. Hares in the Old Plantation Ÿ 2. Young Riley the Fisherman Ÿ 3. All On Spurn Point Ÿ 4. Bonny Light Horseman Ÿ 5. The Bonny Bunch of Roses O Ÿ 6. I Designed to Say No Ÿ 7. Geordie Ÿ 8. The Trip to Knaresborough/ The Ball Ÿ 9. One Moonlit Night Ÿ 10. The Bold Princess Royal Ÿ 11. Young Banker Ÿ 12. The Deserter Ÿ 13. The Leeds Polka Ÿ

Purchase the album: http://www.backshift.demon.co.uk/disco.htm

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  1. Chris Rigg

    It was great to meet you again Pete last evening at Redbourn. I’ve only listened to the first couple of tracks of disc one but I am already very happy with what I’ve heard and promise to write again when I listened to both discs.

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